What in the world is Rugalagh? I'm not sure but boy does it taste good! Home made puff pastry rolled with chocolate, cherry or apricot fillings, then sprinkled with almond dust and raw sugar. It will make you stop and think about life for a brief moment and you'll wonder, "Hey, what am I doing in this ridiculous outfit anyway!! I hated the 80's!" It'll be too late by then but at least you got a good treat out of it! For those of you truly interested in what this is, it originated from the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah. The end.



Hot Pants said...

Hey Missy! It's Amy Morgan. I saw your blog address on Dusty's facebook. Delicious! I happen to be starving right now, and wishing I lived in Pismo. You and your kids (and your food) look beautiful!

Amy said...

Hey Missy! I stole your blog address too. The pictures of you are gorgeous!!! Who knew you would become a wonderful baker. All the food looks great!

Amy Christenot