Lemon Cheesecake
Ohhh sweet destiny at last I found theeeee. (Please sing with
intense passion while closing your eyes and slowly moving your head
back and forth) Truly this cheesecake will create such feeling and
passion you might find true love the minute you sink your teeth in to it.
A light lemon cheesecake topped with a lemon curd that bites back.
Packed full of pucker.

New York Deli Style Cheesecake, with a twist....

This dense New York Deli favorite is a must and quite versatile.
Here, I have topped it with a chocolate ganache and fresh raspberry
puree that.....Wait, can you hear that? It's not very loud but you can
surely hear it! It is the sound of pure satisfaction and it lies within the
creamy walls of this cheesecake. It says, "Sit back, relax and worship me!"

8 inch cheesecake $25

10 inch cheesecake $45

12 inch cheesecake $60


What in the world is Rugalagh? I'm not sure but boy does it taste good! Home made puff pastry rolled with chocolate, cherry or apricot fillings, then sprinkled with almond dust and raw sugar. It will make you stop and think about life for a brief moment and you'll wonder, "Hey, what am I doing in this ridiculous outfit anyway!! I hated the 80's!" It'll be too late by then but at least you got a good treat out of it! For those of you truly interested in what this is, it originated from the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah. The end.



Traditional Tiramisu is made of course with the coffee/mocha flare but I skip the coffee and use all chocolate for a truly rich and delightful twist. You will not be disappointed.
Oh! Sweet Mother of Goodness! This Raspberry Tiramisu will make all of your problems (including small children) disappear. Light lady fingers soaked in a fresh raspberry sauce then smothered with a fabulously fantastic mascarpone cream and topped with more sauce and fresh raspberries. If I make this for you, will you invite me to your party?
$55 (16 servings)

Chocolate Nemesis

You know that deep throated laugh people do when they are involved in something sick and wrong? Right, that laugh should be used right before taking a bite of this. A ganache brownie topped with pecans and homemade caramel and finalized with another layer of milk chocolate ganache.
Here she is again heated slightly for oozing pleasure. Eating one of these is like getting a hug from your most favorite person in the world. (is it me?)



Finely chopped and perfectly spiced walnuts are sandwiched between layer upon layer of sweet phyllo dough and topped with a sugar syrup in place of the traditional honey glaze. I've heard that people have actually changed religions for this nutty concoction but who knows, it's all Greek to me (people, I really crack myself up).


The Chocolate Devil

This rich dark chocolate flourless torte is sinfully dark. It's almost evil....ALMOST!! If you are a purist when it comes to chocolate then this is the dessert for you. Each bite truly melts in your mouth and takes you to a different place, (too bad it's not Hawaii!). It can be topped with milk or dark chocolate and has options of complementary sauces ie; white chocolate ribbons, raspberry or caramel. Caution!! You may experience chocolate withdrawals when it is gone.
8 inch torte- $35

Barbi's English Toffee

I highly doubt my mother will take credit for this fantastic buttery toffee but she was the one who made it and she was the one who taught me how to make it, so there! This toffee is honestly the best toffee I have ever had. It melts in your mouth and won't stick to your teeth so be careful because if you are having a bad day you may be able to go through three pounds of it before you know what happened (not that I'm speaking from experience or anything...). It's really that good!

Lemon Loves

Yes, I took that bite myself and I don't care who knows it! This Lovely Lemon bar that originated with my Uncle Mel is not like any other. Your lips will pucker and your mouth will water for another bite of this perfectly tart treat. Three complementary layers of shortbread, lemony goodness and lemon frosting will make you the most popular person in the whole entire world, just look at me.

Little Temptations

These little temptations will bring a smile to any one's face, (even the grouchy ones). A bite-sized gourmet version of an original brownie, filled with Belgian milk chocolate ganache and topped with fresh whipped cream and a scrumptious raspberry, you'll surely be tempted to eat more than your share.

Party like a ROCK STAR!

Basically I just wanted to show off some more pictures but you can order platters of various items as shown here for any occassion, even if it's just hiding out in your room.