Little Temptations

These little temptations will bring a smile to any one's face, (even the grouchy ones). A bite-sized gourmet version of an original brownie, filled with Belgian milk chocolate ganache and topped with fresh whipped cream and a scrumptious raspberry, you'll surely be tempted to eat more than your share.


Kate said...

Melissa, THANK YOU for finally fulfilling your domestic destiny! We are all the lucky beneficiaries!!

Julie said...

I found you via Melissa W.'s blog - all your goodies look so delicious! My mouth has been watering ever since I lay eyes on your blog! I finally got a taste of these beauties the other night at Susie W's baby shower. Oh my goodness! Keep up the good work (and in the mean time I'm gonna try to find a reason to throw a party so I can have some more!)