Lemon Loves

Yes, I took that bite myself and I don't care who knows it! This Lovely Lemon bar that originated with my Uncle Mel is not like any other. Your lips will pucker and your mouth will water for another bite of this perfectly tart treat. Three complementary layers of shortbread, lemony goodness and lemon frosting will make you the most popular person in the whole entire world, just look at me.


Anonymous said...

These are so good. I wanted to stop eating but I just couldn't. These will definitely be on the list for our next order.

Kate said...

I never liked lemon bars......., UNTIL I tried your Lemon Loves. It surprised me that they had me coming back for more. I even asked you for the recipe because I loved them so much, and had never in my life before made any kind of lemon bar. Then, once I learned what was involved in the recipe process- WOW- certainly a labor of love. They should be worth a pretty penny!

These are desserts I would never attempt to make myself. No one makes them like Melissa! Making them is your specialty.

These Lemon Loves are for sure, a dessert favorite of mine.

Merin said...

Absolutely the best lemon dessert ever! What could be better that tangy lemon and shortbread and homemade lemon frosting!!! I think I just gained 5 pounds writing this!